Zoom Quality of Service Subscription (QSS) is an add-on product that enables Developers to receive details about the network traffic in near real-time for users, hosts, and participants in their meetings, webinars, and phone calls. This data can be used to proactively troubleshoot and identify issues as quickly as possible. Contact Zoom Sales to add this feature.

Learn more about QSS here.


In addition to having the QSS product on your account, at least one user on the account must have Developer permissions enabled to be able to create an application that can subscribe to QSS events. This user should create a Zoom app and enable webhooks. See Using webhooks for details.

To enable QSS events

On the Feature page for the Marketplace app, enable Event Subscription and add the Event notification endpoint URL to send the webhooks. Click Add events and select QSS. Select the QSS events that you’d like to receive.

See a list of events and their details in QSS Event reference. You can also access this documentation on the left sidebar navigation on the API Reference page.