We are happy to announce that our Android SDK has been updated to v5.5.1.1317, and it is available in Zoom App Marketplace.

In this version, we have included the following changes:


  • The compileSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion requirements have increased from 29 to 30. See Android Getting Started Prerequisites for details.

  • Virtual backgrounds are not supported when 720p is enabled.

  • In Custom UI, when using MobileRTCShareView to share PDF, the Activity needs to be an instance of

  • Hardware acceleration is now enabled by default in Zoom UI.


Upgraded Zoom default UI to match Zoom client 5.5.0, including but not limit to the following new features:

  • Enhanced nonverbal feedback and reactions

  • Additional support for flashlight control

  • Enhanced support for Android 11

  • Added a new callback for when a recording starts.

    • The callback in

      • - void onRecordingStatus(RecordingStatus status)

  • Added a new interface to enable JavaScript in WebView.

    • The interface in

      • - void enableJavaScriptForShareWebView(boolean enable)

  • Added a new interface to show in-meeting chat UI.

    • The interface in

      • - void showZoomChatUI(Activity activity, int requestCode)

  • Added a new login error type when the login token is invalid.

    • The enum in file


  • Added a new SDK authentication error type for invalid JWT token.

    • The enum in file


  • Added new status codes to support direct share on a different network.

    • The status in file

      • DirectShare_Prepared

      • DirectShare_Need_Input_New_ParingCodestatus

Changed & Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the meeting ID is not able to change while in the waiting room.

  • Fixed an issue where the no_dial_in_via_phone and no_dial_out_via_phone options do not work properly.

  • Fixed an issue where the DialOutStatusListener does not return the proper status.

  • Fixed an issue where returning to minimized meeting causes a delay after backgrounding the app.

  • Fixed an issue where the no_unmute_confirm_dialog option does not work properly.

  • Fixed an issue where the dialog to set up the proxy server does not show up.

  • Stability enhancement.


The following interfaces are deprecated in Use the replacement method instead.

  • void raiseHand() > Replacement: raiseMyHand in InMeetingService

  • lowerHand > Replacement: lowerHand in InMeetingService

  • isRaisedHand > Replacement: isRaisedHand in InMeetingUserInfo

  • switchToNextPage > Replacement: switchToNextPage in ZoomUIService

  • switchToPreviousPage > Replacement: switchToPreviousPage in ZoomUIService

  • switchToActiveSpeaker > Replacement: switchToActiveSpeaker in ZoomUIService

  • switchToDriveScene > Replacement: switchToDriveScene in ZoomUIService

  • switchToVideoWall > Replacement: switchToVideoWall in ZoomUIService

Also deprecated the setPreferredCameraAntibanding(String antibanding) interface in

You can find the latest version of Android SDK on the download page on App Marketplace. This is the same location as your SDK key & secret.

If you have any questions while upgrading the SDK, please visit our Developer Forum and our SDK experts will be more than happy to assist you over there.

Happy Zooming!!