We are happy to announce that our iOS SDK has been updated to v5.5.12509.0401, and it is available in Zoom App Marketplace.

In this version, we have included the following changes:


Upgraded Zoom default UI to match Zoom client 5.5.0, including but not limit to the following new features:

  • Enhanced nonverbal feedback and reactions/emoji.

  • Support for filters on iOS.

  • Added a new callback for the event when the recording starts.

    • The callback in MobileRTCMeetingDelegate.h:

      • - (void)onRecordingStatus:(MobileRTCRecordingStatus)status;

  • Added a new parameter in SDKinitcontext to set up the ReplayKit Bundle Identifier.

    • The enum in file MobileRTC.h:

      • replaykitBundleIdentifier

  • Added a new login error type.

    • The enum in file MobileRTCConstants.h:

      • MobileRTCLoginFailReason_LoginTokenInvalid

  • Added a new SDK authentication error type.

    • The enum in file MobileRTCConstants.h:

      • MobileRTCAuthError_TokenWrong

  • Added a new meeting end reason type.

    • The enum in file MobileRTCConstants.h:

      • MobileRTCMeetingEndReason_NoAteendee

  • Added a new status code to support direct share on a different network.

    • The enum in file MobileRTCConstants.h:

      • MobileRTCDirectShareStatus_Need_Input_New_ParingCode

Changed & Fixed:

  • Consolidated the SDK to distribute binaries as xcframework(MobileRTC.xcframework and MobileRTCScreenShare.xcframework). Combined the device-only version and the device+simulator version into one single package.

  • Modified the SDK initialization mechanism. The SDK object can only be initialized via SDK initialization interface.

  • Fixed an issue where the "Delete" button in the H.323 invitation view is not responding.

  • Fixed an issue where the logout interface returned an incorrect result.

  • Fixed an issue where the default virtual background image did not show in the default UI.

  • Fixed an issue where calling the video filter interface caused a crash.

  • Fixed an issue where the webinar's original host's role information retrieved from the MobileRTCMeetingUserInfo was incorrect.

  • Fixed an issue where the in-meeting chat was not able to copy in the default UI.

  • Stability enhancement.

You can find the latest version of iOS SDK on the download page on App Marketplace. This is the same location as your SDK key & secret.

If you have any questions while upgrading the SDK, please visit our Developer Forum and our SDK experts will be more than happy to assist you over there.

Happy Zooming!!