We are happy to announce that our macOS SDK has been updated to v5.5.12509.0330, and it is available in Zoom App Marketplace.

In this version, we have included the following changes:


The structure of the SDK package has changed. If you do not wish to support the M1 chip, this change will not impact you (choose the Intel only package as described below).

If you do want to support the M1 chip, as of this version you will need to decide which package to add to your project, based on CPU type:

  • For Intel and M1 support, choose the Universal package. This requires Xcode 12.2 and above.

  • For Intel only support, choose the Intel package. This supports the same Xcode requirements as previous versions.


Upgraded Zoom default UI to match Zoom client 5.5.0, including but not limit to the following new features:

  • Move participants to main session from breakout room.

  • Enhanced nonverbal feedback and reactions/emoji.

  • Blurred background.

  • Apple M1 support.

  • New login error type: ZoomSDKLoginFailReason_LoginTokenInvalid

  • New SDK authentication error type for invalid JWT token: ZoomSDKAuthError_JwtTokenWrong

  • New interface to allow user to hide links in the setting dialog.

    • The interface in ZoomSDKSettingService.h:

      • -(void)configToShowUrlLinksInSetting:(ZoomSDKSettingPageURL)settingPageUrl isHide:(BOOL)hide;

  • New interface to set microphone and speaker to "same as system".

    • The interface in ZoomSDKSettingService.h:

      • - (ZoomSDKError)selectSameAudioDeviceAsSystem:(BOOL)mic;

  • New status code to support direct share on a different network.

    • The status in DirectShareStatus:

      • DirectShareStatus_NeedInputNewPairingCode

  • Added a new class and callback to support direct share feature in Custom UI.

    • New class ZoomSDKDirectShareSpecifyContentHandler

      • -(void)onDirectShareSpecifyContent:(ZoomSDKDirectShareSpecifyContentHandler)handler

    Changed & Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the audio and video were not working when the app had no main menu.

  • Fixed an issue where the app crashed when switching attendees between breakout rooms.

  • Fixed an issue where disconnecting the earphone in a meeting triggered the audio warning dialog.

  • Fixed an issue where adding the SDK to a project impacted the behavior of Cocoa library.

  • Fixed an issue where breakout rooms could not be renamed programmatically.

  • Fixed an issue where the callback onSpotlightVideoUserChange was not working properly.

  • Please note that the callback (void)onSpotlightVideoUserChange:(BOOL)spotlight User:(unsigned int)userID NS_DEPRECATED_MAC(4.1, 5.4); has been deprecated due to not supporting multi-spotlight. Please use (void)onSpotlightVideoUserChange:(NSArray*)spotlightedUserList NS_AVAILABLE_MAC(5.5); instead.

  • Fixed an issue where the callback onSpotlightVideoUserChange was not being triggered with an empty list after users were un-spotlighted.

  • Fixed an issue where the callback onUserJoin was not called for other users when joining a meeting.

  • Fixed an issue where keeping temporary recording files did not work.

  • Fixed an issue where the height/width data was not returned from the getResolution interface in ZoomSDKVideoASStatisticsInfo.

  • Fixed an issue where the callback onCustomizedRecordingSourceReceived was not called after calling requestCustomizedLocalRecordingNotification.


  • (void)onSpotlightVideoUserChange:(BOOL)spotlight User:(unsigned int)userID NS_DEPRECATED_MAC(4.1, 5.4);

You can find the latest version of macOS SDK on the download page on App Marketplace. This is the same location as your SDK key & secret.

If you have any questions while upgrading the SDK, please visit our Developer Forum and our SDK experts will be more than happy to assist you over there.

Happy Zooming!!