We are happy to announce that our Electron SDK has been updated to v5.5.12509.0330, and it is available in Zoom App Marketplace.

In this version, we have included the following changes:


  • Upgraded Zoom default UI to match Zoom client 5.5.0.

  • Added Apple M1 support.

  • Added Electron 11.0.1 support.

  • Added a new interface to allow user to hide links in the setting dialog.

    • The interface in zoomsettingui_ctrl.js:

      • SettingUI_HideAutoCopyInviteLinkCheckBox

      • SettingUI_ConfigToShowUrlLinksInSetting


  • Renamed some interfaces for readability in zoommeetingvideo.js:

    • SetMeetingVideoStatusCB -> MeetingVideo_SetMeetingVideoStatusCB

    • SetActiveSpeakerVideoUserChangedCB -> MeetingVideo_SetActiveSpeakerVideoUserChangedCB

    • SetActiveVideoUserChangedCB -> MeetingVideo_SetActiveVideoUserChangedCB

  • Renamed some interfaces for readability in zoommeetingaudio.js:

    • SetMeetingAudioStatusCB -> MeetingAudio_SetMeetingAudioStatusCB

    • SetUserActiveAudioChangeCB -> MeetingAudio_SetUserActiveAudioChangeCB

  • Renamed some interfaces for readability in zoommeetingshare.js:

    • SetOnSharingStatusCB -> MeetingShare_SetOnSharingStatusCB

You can find the latest version of Electron SDK on the download page on App Marketplace. This is the same location as your SDK key & secret.

If you have any questions while upgrading the SDK, please visit our Developer Forum and our SDK experts will be more than happy to assist you over there.

Happy Zooming!!