1. Support for virtual microphone. Interfaces

- void onMicInitialize(ZoomVideoSDKAudioSender sender);
- void onMicStartSend
- void onMicStopSend
- void onMicUninitialized
  1. The ability to send raw audio data. Interfaces

- send(ByteBuffer data, int dataLength, int sampleRate)
  1. Support for virtual speaker. Interfaces inZoomVideoSDKVirtualAudioSpeaker:

-  void onVirtualSpeakerMixedAudioReceived(ZoomVideoSDKAudioRawData rawData)
-  void onVirtualSpeakerOneWayAudioReceived(ZoomVideoSDKAudioRawData rawData, ZoomVideoSDKUser user)
-  void onVirtualSpeakerSharedAudioReceived(ZoomVideoSDKAudioRawData rawData)

Note: When using the virtual speaker, the audio share will be disabled while screen sharing and only the video will be shared. After receiving the audio raw data in SDK, doing heavy/complex/time-consuming work in the callback thread is not recommended.

  1. A new interface to get a list of all other users in the session:

getRemoteUsers` in`
  1. A new status, DirectShare_Prepared, in DirectShareStatus.

  2. Protection and an exception, ZoomVideoSDKWrongThreadException, when SDK interfaces are being called in the wrong thread.

  3. A new error type, Errors_Session_Audio_No_Microphone, in

  4. New callbacks when the user's display name and session manager has changed. Callbacks in

- onUserManagerChanged(ZoomInstantSDKUser user)
- onUserNameChanged(ZoomInstantSDKUser user)

Changed & Fixed

  1. Renamed the SDK from ZoomInstantSDK to ZoomVideoSDK.

  2. Upgraded OpenSSL to 1.1.1k.

  3. Fixed an issue where the video is mirrored when using the back camera.

  4. Fixed an issue where sharing picture was not working on Android 11.


  1. getAllUsers() interface in

  2. getUser(String guid) interface in