• New interfaces to support proxy settings and get SSL certificate info.

    • New interface in ZoomVideoSDKSSLCertificateInfo

      String getCertIssuedTo()
      String getCertIssuedBy()
      String getCertSerialNum()
      String getCertFingerprint()
    • New interface in ZoomVideoSDKProxySettingHandler

      String getProxyHost()
      int getProxyPort()
      String getProxyDescription()
      void inputUsernamePassword(String userName, String psw)
      void cancel()
    • New callback in ZoomVideoSDKDelegate

      void onProxySettingNotification(ZoomVideoSDKProxySettingHandler handler)
      void onSSLCertVerifiedFailNotification(ZoomVideoSDKSSLCertificateInfo info)
  • New interface to support users joining an existing session by calling in on their PSTN phones.

    • New enum in ZoomVideoSDKDialInNumberType

    • New interface in ZoomVideoSDKSessionDialInNumberInfo

      String getCountryId()
      String getCountryCode()
      String getCountryName()
      String getNumber()
      String getDisplayNumber()
      ZoomVideoSDKDialInNumberType getType()
    • New interface in ZoomVideoSDKPhoneHelper

      List<ZoomVideoSDKSessionDialInNumberInfo> getSessionDialInNumbers()
    • New interface in ZoomVideoSDKSession

      long getSessionNumber()
      String getSessionPhonePasscode()
  • New error code to control the minimum client version that SDK could support.

    • New error code in ZoomVideoSDKErrors


Changed & Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where calling the function setExternalVideoSource before a session, when joining the session will still show the real camera preview.

  • Fixed an issue that Video-SDK users can't join meetings when their role type is set as 0.