October 25, 2021: We’re happy to announce the initial release of the Video SDK APIs and Webhooks listed below. For details, see Video SDK APIs and the Webhook Reference for Video SDK Webhooks.

Master accounts can also set up accounts with Video SDK plans. See Manage Plans: Video SDK Account Plans for details.


  • New Video SDK APIs:

    • GET /v2/videosdk/sessions

    • GET /v2/videosdk/sessions/{sessionId}

    • GET /v2/videosdk/sessions/{sessionId}/users

    • GET /v2/videosdk/sessions/{sessionId}/users/qos

    • GET /v2/videosdk/sessions/{sessionId}/users/{userId}/qos

    • PUT /v2/videosdk/sessions/{sessionId}/status

    • PATCH /v2/videosdk/sessions/{sessionId}/livestream

    • GET /v2/videosdk/sessions/{sessionId}/livestream

    • PATCH /v2/videosdk/sessions/{sessionId}/livestream/status

  • New Video SDK webhook events:

    • session.alert

    • session.started

    • session.ended

    • session.user_joined

    • session.user_left

    • session.sharing_started

    • session.sharing_ended

    • session.live_streaming_started

    • session.live_streaming_stopped