• Removed support to Bitcode since Apple has deprecated the option to build Bitcode apps.


  • New interface to support proxy settings and get SSL certificate info in ZoomVideoSDKNetworkConnectionHelper.h.

    • New interface in ZoomVideoSDKProxySettingHandler

      @property (nonatomic, copy, readonly) NSString* proxyHost;
      @property (nonatomic, assign, readonly) NSInteger proxyPort;
      @property (nonatomic, copy, readonly) NSString* proxyDescription;
      - (void)inputUsername:(NSString*)userName password:(NSString *)psw;
      - (void)cancel;
    • New interface in ZoomVideoSDKSSLCertificateInfo

      @property (nonatomic, copy, readonly) NSString* certIssuedTo;
      @property (nonatomic, copy, readonly) NSString* certIssuedBy;
      @property (nonatomic, copy, readonly) NSString* certSerialNum;
      @property (nonatomic, copy, readonly) NSString* certFingerprint;
  • New interface to support users joining an existing session by calling in on their PSTN phones.

    • New interface in ZoomVideoSDKPhoneHelper.h

      @property (nonatomic, strong) NSString     * _Nullable countryID;
      @property (nonatomic, strong) NSString     * _Nullable countryCode;
      @property (nonatomic, strong) NSString     * _Nullable countryName;
      @property (nonatomic, strong) NSString     * _Nullable number;
      @property (nonatomic, strong) NSString     * _Nullable displayNumber;
      @property (nonatomic, assign) ZoomVideoSDKDialInNumType     type;
    • New interface in ZoomVideoSDK.h

      - (unsigned long long)getSessionNumber;
      - (NSString * _Nullable)getSessionPhonePasscode;
    • New enums of ZoomVideoSDKDialInNumType in ZoomVideoSDKConstants.h

  • New ZoomVideoSDK error code in ZoomVideoSDKConstants.h to control the minimum client version that SDK could support.


Changes & Fixed

  • Fixed an issue when users with the same user ID left the session, the callback onUserLeave doesn’t work correctly.

  • Fixed an issue that the app would crash when other users start using screen sharing.

  • Fixed an issue that the app would crash after any of the users left the session.

  • Fixed an issue that Video-SDK users could not join a meeting when their role type was set as 0.