• New interface to support proxy settings and get SSL certificate info.

    • New interface in ZMVideoSDK

      - (ZMVideoSDKNetworkConnectionHelper*)getNetworkConnectionHelper;
    • New interface in ZMVideoSDKNetworkConnectionHelper

    • New interface in ZMVideoSDKSSLCertificateInfo

      @property (nonatomic, copy, readonly) NSString *certIssuedTo;
      @property (nonatomic, copy, readonly) NSString *certIssuedBy;
      @property (nonatomic, copy, readonly) NSString *certSerialNum;
      @property (nonatomic, copy, readonly) NSString *certFingerprint;
    • New interface in ZMVideoSDKProxySettingHandler

      @property (nonatomic, copy, readonly) NSString *proxyHost;
      @property (nonatomic, assign, readonly) unsigned int proxyPort;
      @property (nonatomic, copy, readonly) NSString *proxyDescription;
      -(void)inputUsernamePassword:(NSString*)userName password:(NSString *)psw;
    • New interface in ZMVideoSDKProxySettings

      @property (nonatomic, copy) NSString *proxy;
      @property (nonatomic, assign) BOOL autoDetect;
    • New callback in ZMVideoSDKDelegate

      - (void)onProxyDetectComplete;
      - (void)onProxySettingNotification:(ZMVideoSDKProxySettingHandler *)handler;
      - (void)onSSLCertVerifiedFailNotification:(ZMVideoSDKSSLCertificateInfo *)info;
  • New interface to support users joining an existing session by calling in on their PSTN phones.

    • New interface in ZMVideoSDKDialInNumberInfo

      @property (nonatomic, copy, readonly) NSString* countryID;
      @property (nonatomic, copy, readonly) NSString* countryCode;
      @property (nonatomic, copy, readonly) NSString* countryName;
      @property (nonatomic, copy, readonly) NSString* number;
      @property (nonatomic, copy, readonly) NSString* displayNumber;
      @property(nonatomic, assign, readonly) ZMVideoSDKDialInNumType type;
      - (NSArray<ZMVideoSDKDialInNumberInfo*>*)getSessionDialInNumbers;
    • New interface in ZMVideoSDKSession

      - (unsigned long long)getSessionNumber;
      - (NSString*)getSessionPhonePasscode;
    • New enum in ZMVideoSDKDef.h

  • New ZoomVideoSDK error code to control the minimum client version that SDK could support.

    • New enum in ZMVideoSDKDef.h

  • Add new library libzoombase_crypto_shared.dylib


  • Fixed an issue where participants couldn’t receive commands sent by the session host.

  • Fixed an issue that developers are not able to get the selected virtual background item when removing the virtual background which was not selected.

  • Fixed an issue that video-SDK users can't join a meeting when their role type is set to 0.