Breaking Change

  • Changed functions where the return type is ZoomVideoSdkError to return an error string. Previously, those functions returned an integer.


  • New interface to support users joining an existing session by calling in on their PSTN phones.

    • New enum ZoomVideoSDKDialInNumberType in ZoomVideoSdk

      None = 'ZoomVideoSDKDialInNumType_None',
      Toll = 'ZoomVideoSDKDialInNumType_Toll',
      TollFree = 'ZoomVideoSDKDialInNumType_TollFree',
    • New interface ZoomVideoSDKSessionDialInNumberInfo and new instance in ZoomVideoSdkSessionDialInNumberInfo

      countryId: string;
      countryCode: string;
      countryName: string;
      number: string;
      displayNumber: string;
      type: ZoomVideoSDKDialInNumberType;
    • New function in ZoomVideoSDKPhoneHelper

       getSessionDialInNumbers: () => Promise<ZoomVideoSdkSessionDialInNumberInfo[]>
    • New functions in ZoomVideoSDKSession

      getSessionNumber: () => Promise<string>;
      getSessionPhonePasscode: () => Promise<string>;
  • New error code to control the minimum client version that SDK can support.

    • New enum Errors in ZoomVideoSdk

      Session_Client_Incompatible = 'ZoomVideoSDKError_Session_Client_Incompatible'
  • New callbacks to support proxy settings and get SSL certificate information.

    • New callbacks in EventType