We’re happy to announce the initial release of the Video SDK for Linux, which includes the features you are used to from Video SDK, such as:

  • Video SDK sessions that connect two or more users so that they can communicate over video, audio, chat, and other methods. 

  • Sessions scoped to your Video SDK account, spun up on demand (meaning they do not need to be scheduled). 

  • Session capacity of up to 1,000 users. 

  • Live streaming a session to an unlimited view-audience using Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) on a platform like YouTube or to a custom endpoint.

  • Direct access to raw video and audio data on native platforms. This enables improved interaction between users and the app video stream. 

    • For example, you could release a gaming video streaming app with direct interaction between the player and viewers based on in-game events or prompts from the community. 

    • Or an augmented reality (AR) streaming platform with direct viewer access to on-screen video. 

    • You can also use raw data to build custom live transcription or video or audio analysis.