• Added session_key and user_identity fields to the Video SDK signature. You can use these fields to assign unique session and user IDs to video SDK sessions. Such as from a separate, external systems.

  • Access to Zoom Global library to install dependent assets. Use:
    client.init('en-US', 'Global')
    See Integrate the SDK into your app for details.

  • New section for previewing or testing media devices, for example, testing video or audio prior to joining a meeting. See Preview Media Devices for details.

  • Updated documentation and code samples. See Integrate the SDK into your app and Essential Guides.


  • Removed WebGC console warnings when rendering videos in chromium-based browsers like Chrome or Edge.


  • Fixed bug where sendToAll generated unintended errors.

  • Fixed the issue where SDK clients were automatically muted when joining the second meeting in a session after leaving the first.