• Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera control and far end camera control: With stream.requestFarEndCameraControl() and stream.approveFarEndCameraControl() and stream.controlFarEndCameramethods and several related events, now you can control the far end camera.

  • Network quality event: now you can listen to the network-quality-change event to get the network level of users.

  • Individual cloud recording: now with the JWT payload configured, you can record users in individual recordings.

  • Log report and bug records for development and debugging.


  • Added isVideoConnect  to user properties, it indicates whether there is a camera connected to the device.

  • Add Global user ID, userGuid, to user properties. This is a correlated property to share between a main session and subsession.

  • Improve the 720P video rendering on high-performance devices.

  • Add stream.isRenderSelfViewWithVideoElement() and stream.isStartShareScreenWithVideoElement() methods. Now you no longer need redundant conditional judgments to determine which element to render. The Video SDK simplifies the judgment using these methods.

  • Improved the payload of the user-removed event.


  • Video cannot work on iOS Safari with SharedArrayBuffer enabled.

  • Issue with testSpeaker() in the second call.

  • Issue with the stayAwake function.