• Support language interpretation for participants.

  • Support for audio and video preview before joining a meeting or webinar.

  • Support for auto and manually approved registered meetings.

  • Support meeting and webinar registrations using the “tk” parameter.

  • Support for panelists to join webinars with registration in Practice mode using the “tk” parameter.

  • Support for automatically joining a webinar as a panelist.

  • Support for joining manually-approved webinars.

  • Support for reordering gallery and speaker view within webinars.

  • Add helper.html to support Web SDK isolation for changes related to Chrome 92. See Announcements for details.

  • Audio quality of service (QOS) improvements resulting in smoother audio in high latency environments.

  • setLogLevel API to print logs. To use this API, set debug to true and use setLogLevel('info').

  • Support for pre-assigned breakout rooms.

  • Ability to disable audio and video preview within the initialize function.


  • UI improvements for styles, such as meeting info icons, updated label for the stop recording dialog, updated raise hand icon position for active speaker mode.

  • Participants can choose the breakout room that they want to join.

  • When entering or leaving a breakout room, the SDK auto enables audio and video.


  • Chrome 90 issue where video freezes when WebCodecs is turned on.