We have updated our Web SDK to 1.7.2, which includes the following changes:


  1. Added support for Edge Chromium (Min version: v80+)
  2. Added a new interface getCurrentUser to retrieve the user information(such as userId, participantId, userName,etc.) of the current user
  3. Optimized the interface getAttendeelist to ensure the user ID at index 0 represents the current user
  4. Enhanced the chat privileges that could be configured by the host or the co-host and add new privilege Allow Participants to chat with Everyone publicly and privately

Changed & Fixed

  1. Fixed an issue that the responsive menu is being cut off after resizing the window
  2. Fixed an issue that the attendee sees black blocks shown on the screen when viewing the host’s shared content

You may find the latest Web SDK in the following location:

Happy Zooming!!