We’ve updated our Web SDK to version 1.7.0 to include the below additions, enhancements, and bug fixes.


  • Added network support failover. WebSDK can now quickly reconnect back to servers without degrading the meeting experience.
  • Support new Audio Encryption Algorithm.
  • Added notification when remote meeting conrol admin starts or stops.
  • Added host to remote control meeting allowing users to chat with everyone of privately.
  • Added Spotlight for the host to choose who to foucs on when speaking instead of active speaker.
  • Added Video support for iPadOS.


  • Enhanced UI visibility for full screen button.
  • Changed npm module from zoomus-jssdk -> @zoomus/websdk.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed jquery name within the Web SDK dependencies.
  • Fixed invite url domain to reflect brand settings.
  • Fixed bug where video freezes after switching tabs.
  • Fixed From & To indicator within chat to not overlap.
  • Fixed hover over chat messages to be localized.
  • Fixed localized leave meeting button to not be cutoff.
  • Fixed Chat Window after clicking Pop Out.
  • Fixed C# generate signature.