New Additions

  • Added support for starting a webinar as host.
  • Added support for promoting attendee to panelist and de-promote panelist to attendee.
  • Added support for multiple screen sharing.
  • Enabled search functionality for attendees list.
  • Added support enabling Meeting Co-host.
  • Added support for joining a registered webinar.
  • Added support for webinar allow to talk feature.
  • Added support for merging attendee phone call with Video within a meeting.
  • Added support to play sound for when a user enters or leaves a meeting, chat messages and raise hand.


  • Enhanced reCaptcha functionality to only show display after attendee enters in the meeting number or password incorrectly after a number of attempts.
  • Enhanced audio to reduce white noise.
  • Enhanced SIMD support to improve CPU performance.
  • Waiting Room sound notifications for when attendees join or leave the waiting room.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues for reconnecting to a meeting uses a different participant id.
  • Fixed issue where black screen is displayed when user used spotlighted feature.
  • Fixed issue where audio was not working for latest participants.
  • Fixed issue where guest could not see chats messages until host responds.
  • Fixed issue where attendee could not receive chat messages from webinar host.
  • Fix Italian (it-IT) localization issue.
  • Fixed issue where Call Me button is disabled.