Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed Attendee cannot join in to BreakOut Room when “Enable Waiting Room” is enabled.
  2. Fixed Attendee Leaves meeting show 'trying to reconect’.
  3. Fixed Joined audio user can’t show wating room when be put on hold.
  4. Fixed Android Chrome Audio don’t work.
  5. Fixed Audio stops working when High-Fidelity/Stereo Mode is Enabled.
  6. Fixed Start Video Black Screen in Mac When Only One attendee.
  7. Fixed “The host mute/unmuted you” when call me success/hangeup.
  8. Fixed definition of ZooMtg.i18n wrong.
  9. Fixed co-host call rename/muteAll/expel/record/lockMeeting/putOnHold API no privilege.


  1. Polling switcher split meeting and webinar.
  2. Removed default load language resource cause 404.
  3. Added setSupportLanguage api.