New Additions

  1. New Web SDK Rate Limits for calling API Methods.
  2. Added recaptcha feature for joining meetings. Note: Please make sure that your application is running on Ports. 80 or 443.
  3. Added Vietnamese language support.
  4. Added Italian language support.
  5. Added Waiting Room pop up notification.
  6. Added Ruby code for generating signature.
  7. Added ability for host to report attendees, Note: This requires the meeting to include enforced login and Waiting Room feature.
  8. Added a new disableReport API to disable reporting a user.
  9. Added a new meetingInfo API to hide meeting information.
  10. Added a new disableVoIP API to hide the VOIP option.
  11. Removed unMuteAll button. Host will need to unmute attendees one by one.


  1. Enhanced error messages details.
  2. Ensure WASM files are downloaded before joining meetings.
  3. Include version number within JSMedia file to prevent caching issues.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed issue when a user cannot unmute when joining audio.
  2. Fixed issue when an webinar attendee cannot join audio using Safari browser.
  3. Fixed a tag issue for starting video.
  4. Fixed issue for user sees Black screen on iOS device.
  5. Fixed an issue where attendee Closed Caption doesn’t show.
  6. Fixed audio issue for Chrome version 74.