Here are the release notes for the Windows Meeting SDK v5.9.0.2546.


  • New interface to support raw data recording. Please note that local recording will be disabled when raw data recording is enabled.

  • New interfaces in`meeting_recording_interface.h`

    virtual SDKError StartRawRecording() = 0;
    virtual SDKError StopRawRecording() = 0;
  • New interfaces and callbacks to support Breakout Room (BO) Options:

    • New interfaces in meeting_breakout_rooms_interface_v2_interface.h

      • virtual bool IsCanReturnMainSession() = 0;

    • New callback:

      • virtual void onBOEndTimerUpdated(int remaining, boolean isTimesUpNotice) = 0;

  • Add new variables in the BOOption in meeting_breakout_rooms_interface_v2_interface.h:

  • New interfaces and callbacks to support live transcription:

    • New interfaces in meeting_closedcaption_interface.h:

      virtual bool IsLiveTranscriptionFeatureEnabled() = 0;
      virtual SDKLiveTranscriptionStaus GetLiveTranscriptionStatus() = 0;
      virtual bool CanStartLiveTranscription() = 0;
      virtual SDKError StartLiveTranscription() = 0;
      virtual SDKError StopLiveTranscription() = 0;
      virtual SDKError EnableRequestLiveTranscription(bool bEnable) = 0;
      virtual bool IsRequestToStartLiveTranscriptionEnalbed() = 0;
      virtual SDKError RequestToStartLiveTranscription(bool bRequestAnonymous) = 0;
    • New callbacks:

      virtual void onLiveTranscriptionStatus(SDKLiveTranscriptionStaus status) = 0;
      virtual void onLiveTranscriptionMsgReceived(const wchar_t* ltMsg, SDKLiveTranscriptionOperationType type) = 0;
      virtual void onRequestForLiveTranscriptReceived(unsigned int requester_id, bool bAnonymous);
  • New interfaces and callbacks to support customizing the video view order in the gallery view. Only the host can customize the video view order in the gallery view.

    • New interfaces in meeting_video_interface.h:

      virtual SDKError SetVideoOrderTransactionBegin() = 0;
      virtual bool AddVideoToOrder(unsigned int userId, unsigned int position) = 0;
      virtual SDKError SetVideoOrderTransactionCommit() = 0;
      virtual bool IsSupportFollowHostVideoOrder() = 0;
      virtual SDKError EnableFollowHostVideoOrder(bool bEnable) = 0;
      virtual bool IsFollowHostVideoOrderOn() = 0;
      virtual IList<unsigned int >* GetVideoOrderList() = 0;
      virtual SDKError FollowHostVideoOrder() = 0;
      virtual ISetVideoOrderHelper* GetSetVideoOrderHelper() = 0;
    • New callbacks:

      virtual void onActiveVideoUserChanged(unsigned int userid) = 0;
      virtual void onVideoOrderUpdated(IList<unsigned int >* orderList) = 0;
      virtual void onFollowHostVideoOrderChanged(bool bFollow) = 0;

Changed and Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the “Zoom” branding in the “Untrusted Server Certificates” pop-up was not customizable.

  • Fixed an issue where the virtual background was not working in Custom UI.

  • Fixed an issue where the setEvent of EmojiReactionController caused a crash.

  • Fixed an issue where the assigned status was incorrect when the BO participant has been assigned after the BO has started.

  • Fixed an issue where the SDKCustomizedURL_VITRULBG_LEARN_MORE option in the AddCustomizedURLResource did not work properly.

  • Fixed an issue where direct sharing with a meeting number did not work in Custom UI.

  • Fixed an issue where the invite window did not show up after calling CleanupSDK and starting the meeting again.

  • Fixed an issue where triggering direct sharing multiple times in Custom UI caused a crash.

  • Fixed an issue where the webinar attendee could not view the shared content in Custom UI.

  • Fixed an occasional crash that happened when joining a waiting room.

  • Fixed an issue where calling StopShare while direct sharing resulted in not being able to leave the meeting in Custom UI.


virtual SDKError IsEmailLoginEnabled(bool& bEnabled) = 0;
virtual SDKError Login(LoginParam& param) = 0;