Developers! Greetings!
We are happy to announce that our Windows SDK has been updated to 5.0.24433.0616, and it is available in our Github repository.

In this version, we have included the following changes:


  • Upgraded Zoom default UI to match Zoom client 5.0.
  • Optimized the status of H.323 call out.
  • Added new interfaces to allow the host to send messages to the attendees in the waiting room.
  • Added a new interface to modify the ‘meeting topic’ in the ‘meeting information’ page.
    • IMeetingUIController.SetMeetingTopic(const wchar_t* meetingtopic)
  • Added a new interface to hide the share button
    • IMeetingUIElemConfiguration.HideShareButtonOnMeetingUI(bool bHide)
  • Added new interfaces to pause/resume the recording.
    • IMeetingRecordingController.PauseRecording()
    • IMeetingRecordingController.ResumeRecording()
    • IMeetingRecordingController.PauseCloudRecording()
    • IMeetingRecordingController.ResumeCloudRecording()
  • Added new interfaces related to setting ‘Always show video preview when joining a video meeting’ feature.
    • IVideoSettingContext.EnableVideoPreviewDialog(bool bEnable)
    • IVideoSettingContext.IsVideoPreviewDialogEnabled()
  • Added new interfaces to check whether the PMI option is enabled on the account.
    • IQueryMeetingItemMeetingOptionHelper.isDisabledPMI()

Changed & Fixed

  • Disable the “Remember Screen Name” feature.
  • Fixed an issue that the “hide meeting information” interface does not work for the audio-only meeting.
  • Fixed an issue that the ChangeUserName interface does not work for webinar attendee.
  • Temporary remove the “Unmute all” interfaces.
    • Calling IMeetingAudioController.UnMuteAudio(0) won’t unmute all.

Deprecated & Removed

  • tagStartParam4WithoutLogin.userToken
  • tagStartParam.apiuserStart
  • IMeetingUIElemConfiguration.HideMeetingInfoFromMeetingUITitle(bool bHide)
  • IMeetingUIElemConfiguration.SetMeetingIDForMeetingUITitle(UINT64 meetingNumber)
  • IMeetingUIElemConfiguration.SetAlwaysShowMeetingIDOnTitle(bool bAlwaysShow)

You may find the latest version of Windows SDK in our Github repo.

Should you have any questions while upgrading our SDK, please visit our Developer Forum
and our SDK experts will be more than happy to assist you over there.

Happy Zooming!!