Privacy and security are priorities for Zoom and we are focused on strengthening protections on our users’ data.

Starting March 01, 2022, Zoom will not display email addresses for users flagged as guests from API responses unless they meet any of the conditions listed below. You will continue to see the email addresses of users on your own account, as usual.

You will continue to see the email addresses for users flagged as guests included in Zoom API responses under the following conditions:

  • If the participant entered their email address into the meeting or webinar registration flow, then it will be shown for that specific meeting/webinar

  • If the host provided the participant’s email to Zoom in the following ways:

    • If the participant is on the calendar invitation or event using one of Zoom’s calendar integrations (Outlook or Google Calendar)

    • If the participant has externally authenticated using an authentication system provided by the host

    • If the participant email was entered with the “Allow authentication exception” option under “Only authenticated users can join…”

    • If the participant’s email was entered using the Breakout Rooms assignment feature or “Allow authentication exception” to Breakout Rooms feature

    • If you import a CSV file for panelists and attendees of a webinar

Actions you may need to take to avoid breaking changes

This may cause breaking changes to your integration if you rely on any email string value, such as email, participant_email, or user_email and the participant’s email address is not available to you. 

For example, if you have code dependent on the user_email value in the Get Past meeting participants API response and the participant is a guest, external, or an anonymous participant, you’ll receive an empty value. You’ll have to update your code to properly handle use cases such as these.

Affected APIs & Events

This change affects the following APIs and events.


  • List archived files

  • Get meeting archived files


  • List meeting participants

  • List meeting participants QoS

  • Get meeting participant QoS

  • List webinar participants

  • List webinar participants QoS

  • Get webinar participant QoS

  • Get Zoom meetings client feedback

  • Get post meeting feedback

  • Get post webinar feedback


  • List meeting registrants

  • Get a meeting registrant

  • Get past meeting participants

  • List past meeting’s poll results


  • Get meeting participant report

  • Get meeting poll reports

  • Get webinar participant reports

  • Get webinar poll reports

  • Get webinar Q&A report


  • List webinar participants

  • List panelists

  • List webinar registrants

  • Get a webinar registrant

  • Get webinar absentees

  • List past webinar poll results

  • List Q&A of past webinar

Event Subscriptions (Webhooks)

  • Recording Archive Files Completed

  • Participant/Host joined meeting

  • Participant/Host left meeting

  • Participant joined a waiting room

  • Participant left a waiting room

  • Participant was admitted into a meeting

  • Participant was put in a waiting room

  • (Webinar) Participant Joined

  • (Webinar) Participant Left

See also: March 2022 FAQ on reporting changes.