• New methods to pin, spotlight, remove attendees from a webinar, allow & disallow attendees to speak in the webinar, share computer audio, set and remove feedback reaction.

    • zoomSdk.addParticipantPins

    • zoomSdk.removeParticipantPins

    • zoomSdk.addParticipantSpotlight

    • zoomSdk.removeParticipantSpotlights

    • zoomSdk.getParticipantSpotlights

    • zoomSdk.removeWebinarAttendees

    • zoomSdk.allowAttendeesToSpeak

    • zoomSdk.disallowAttendeesToSpeak

    • zoomSdk.shareComputerAudio

    • zoomSdk.setFeedbackReaction

    • zoomSdk.removeFeedbackReaction

    • zoomSdk.removeAllFeedbackReaction


  • Added defaultCutout field to zoomSdk.config response.

  • Added parameter withSound  to share audio from a Zoom App zoomSdk.shareApp

  • Marked participantId deprecated in the SDK documentation.

  • Updated reflection to prevent __esModule and default console warnings.